Agency : Dream On
Client : Patrick Roger, Sculpteur et chocolatier MoF


Patrick Roger is a renowned chocolatier and a sculptor too. In 2016, Dream On agency created a new logo expressing the unbridled creativity of the chocolatier-sculptor, and made the brand emerge in a disruptive way on the luxury food market.


The scabbards of the chocolate boxes are sometimes according to the sculptures of the chocolatier or events for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas …
There has been a lot of research on these ever-changing sheaths.


New logo : F. Labbe
Concept, Art Director and Art director follow-up since 2014 : C.Manuel

I worked on the concept-design of packaging, shop signs, vendors outfits, wine bottle labels, tablets design, boxes and bags, seasonal chocolate catalogs, for products sold in in Paris and Brussels.

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