Personal project, from a school subject.
Client : You ?


A luminous co-creation of an object under the theme of sustainable development.
Inspire © is an innovative suspension lamp. Born of biomimicry, it opens and closes according to the luminous intensity of the room.
Aesthetic and ethical, it is a hybrid: it works thanks to the solar energy recovered by independent solar collectors that are placed outside.

Concept / Problem set out on a Tuesday in October, between 14 and 18h.

How to create an object that is both design and eco-responsible?

Eco-responsible> Nature> Biomimicry. *
A lamp> Bioluminescence *.

Inspire is the fruit of it.
It is called for two reasons:
– it is inspired by nature
– in motion it seems to breathe;
Inspire / exhale depending on brightness

*Biomimicry: process of innovation and engineering inspired by the forms, materials, properties, processes and functions of living organisms.
* Bioluminescence: production and emission of light by a living organism resulting from a chemical reaction in which the chemical energy is converted into light energy.


Concept, AD and realisation : F.Dupont – C.Manuel

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